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Profile View Page  

The profile page as it is seen by any blog reader.

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Profile Edit Page  

When you are logged in, you can make changes to your profile on the profile edit page or the profile widget.

Profile Edit Widget  
You can also make changes to your profile on the profile widget. Only some of the options available on the profile edit page are available within the profile widget

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Show/Hide Profile information  
You may choose to make your profile information public or private. People interested in knowing your profile would be able to see your profile information only if you make it public. Your public profile information would enable people searching for people with interests similar to that of yours to find you.

You may want to make your profile information private if you are making a blog that is intended only for your personal group and do not want outsiders to know about you.

Display/Real Name  

• Display Name

We set a display name at the time of creating a blogger user account with the google account. The display name is what is used for signing your blog posts as the author of the post (displayed in the post footer). This is like your pen name. You may use enter your real name as your display name by entering the same here.

• Real Name

Real name is the name that we enter in the text boxes with the label First Name __, Last Name __.

With regard to the name displayed on the profile pages as well as the profile block on the blog pages, you can choose to use the display name or the real name in the order First Name + Last Name.

You can use text in any language for the display name as well as the real name.

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Your Email Address  
The email address/id that is used for logging in to your google account would be used as your email address for communication by blogger. The same address would be used when you enable your email address to be displayed on the blogger profile pages.

If you enter an email id in the "Email Address" box, that would be used. You cannot change the email address that is related to the google account.

Your Blogs List on the profile pages  
With a user account there is no limit to the number of blogs you may make. All the blogs that you create with a user account would be displayed as a list on you profile page. However you may not intend to make all the blogs that you create to outsiders. Blogger provides a facility to disable the blogs that you don't intend from being displayed in the list of your blogs on the profile page.

Members of a blog (other than the creator) also can post to the blog. The blog list displayed on your profile page, also lists the blogs created by other users in which you are a member. The blog list also provides information relating to other users who are participants in your blog. Their names work as links to their user profile pages.

The setting for showing/hiding the blogs is related to displaying them in the list of blogs on the profile pages only. Choosing not to display the blog in the list does in no way affect its availability on the net. It is only like your not telling everybody that you have made so and so blog.

• Accessing blogs not displayed in the list

Every blog has an address (i.e. a url) and is like any other web page that is freely accessible on the internet. Only those who know your blogs url can access it.

• Restricting access through membership

There is a separate setting available for those blogs which use the modern widget based template, whereby the access to a blog can be restricted. Just knowing the url would not be sufficient if that feature is used to restrict access.

This feature can be accessed from the permissions page on your blog settings pages. You can enable restriction and then add bloggers (by their email ids) as members. Members may be permitted to post to your blog or they may have permission only to read your blog.

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Profile Photo  
You can use a photograph to be displayed along with your display name, in the profile page. You can use any image hosted on the internet here.

To use your photograph, upload it first to any of the free image hosting web sites .

Your Favorite Audio/Video  
You may place a link to any audio or video file that would reflect your taste or would contain something you recorded letting others know about your opinions and tastes.

When a person viewing your profile clicks on the link the relevant player would be called if you have placed a url to either a audio or a video file. If your link points to a web page on which the content would be displayed and played, clicking the link would bring up that web page.

You cannot upload and store audio files to web site. Therefore, if you intend to record an audio file and use it here, you have to upload that file to your own web site or to any of the web sites providing free audio file web hosting services.

Your Gender  
You may choose to either specify or not specify your gender.

It would be advisable of kids/Teens to be cautious in revealing their original identity on the net. If you intend not to specify your gender, the profile information would not have "gender" listed.

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Your Birth Date  
Your astrological sign is identified based on the date and month of birth, your Zodiac year is identified based on the year of birth and your age is identified using the date, month and year together.

You may choose to specify only the date and month whereby only your Astrological sign is displayed to the person viewing your profile.

Your Home Page  
If you have a web page built up by you elsewhere, or you have a blog page that you intend to be an indicator of your personal self, you may enter its url here.

This can be any web page on the internet.

Your Wish List  
Your wish list is just a list of items ranging from ball pens to air planes that you intend to purchase one day. It expresses your aspirations, dreams/wishes. You can create a wish list in google's online shopping website ( and let the blog readers view it.

A google account would enable you to login to the froogle web site also. Logging into blogger amounts to logging into a google account. Therefore, if you are logged into blogger, you are logged into froogle also. You don't need to create a separate account with to use its services.

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Your Instant Messenger ID  
You can display your messenger ID on the profile pages within the contact information block.

For some of the service providers, your ID appears as a link. If the person viewing the profile information clicks on the link the relevant page or the messenger would be brought up. For the relevant messenger program to open up, it should have been set on the readers computer for being opened from within the browser.

Your Location  

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Your Occupation  
Specifying information relating to your work would enable users to find your profile when searching for users with the same industry as yours. The industry is a broad classification and you can choose one from among the list of industries specified. To give a better idea of your work area, you can write a small description of the nature of your work in the occupation field.

If you have specified the industry, then your profile page would display it as a link (not yet enabled in the new version). The link enables people viewing your profile to search for users with the same industry specified.

About Yourself  

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Your personal interests  
The extended information best explains your personal self.

Profile Search  
Searching for bloggers based on the information provided in their profiles is not yet enabled in the new blogger.

This explanation is based on the facility available in old blogger.
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