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Configuring Post Display  
Using the Configuration options available on the "Page Elements" sub group of the "Template" group for the blog, you can configure the post settings.

Using the options on this page, you can choose to display/hide the header/footer elements as well as reposition the footer elements.

These options are applicable to all the blog posts within the blog. The Comments, Back Links, Quick Edit, Date/Time can be shown/hidden using the options on the settings pages also. Showing/Hiding Labels can be done only here. Each of these is explained again in detail in this and the subsequent pages.

• Text in Other Languages

Where there are text boxes with text in them, you can replace the text and use your own wordings. You can use text in any language in these boxes.

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Date and Time Settings  

The settings for date and time are available on the "Configure Blog Posts" page as well as the "formatting" sub group of the "settings" group.

• Date Format

Choose a format in which you intend the date to be displayed from among a number of formats (Only numerals, Combination of numerals and words etc.).

The posting date forms a part of the header for the post.

• Time Format

Choose a format in which you intend the time to be displayed from among a number of formats.

• Time Zone

The blogger program would be accessed by users all over the world through the web site. By default, the default time zone setting of the blogger program (UTC − 8.00 America Los Angeles) is used for recording the time of posting for your blogs.

To ensure that the time displayed is the actual time shown on your computer, you would have to choose the time zone relevant to you

• Display Language for Date and Time

There are many languages you can choose for the text indicating the date and time.

The language chosen would have its effect on a number of places like the date of posting shown in the post header, the time stamp shown in the post footer, the archive dates etc.

The language chosen is only for date and time and is in not for the language relating to the text of your post.

Quick Edit  
Switching on the quick edit option would display the quick edit link within the blog post footer when the blog is being viewed by any member of the blog who is permitted to edit the blog and is logged on to his user account.

Clicking the link would open the post directly in a post editor page.

You can switch the Quick Edit link on and off both from the "Configure Blog Posts" page as well as from the "Basic" sub group within the "Settings" group relating to the blog.

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Email Post  
If you intend to enable the blog readers to send a link to the blog post through email from within your blog, you have to switch on the email post setting.

When the person viewing the blog clicks on the "Email Post" link, a web page with a mail form will be displayed. On filling the relevant details and choosing to send the message a link to the blog along with the brief comment the user enters would be sent to the intended person.

Displaying Posts with specified Labels  
Labels are words or phrases that help the blog reader to search for posts within the blog.

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Add/Remove Labels to/from Posts  

• Posts ::

You can add labels to your posts at the time of creating/editing the blog post

You can also add labels to your posts from the page displaying the list of posts

They also help the blog creator to find the posts that they have made earlier.

Labels List  
All the labels that are used within your blog posts can be found at various placed.

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