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Sending invitation » Adding/Removing Authors  
A single blog can be authored by two or more authors/writes (bloggers). Each person who can post to the blog should have a blogger user account (google account).

The settings for adding authors to your blog are available on the permissions sub group page within the settings group. On adding the email addresses of those you intend to invite to contribute to your blog, the blogger program would send an email to each one of them with an invitation message.

• Removing Authors

To remove an author from the list of authors click the remove link against the authors name.

• Assigning Admin Status to another Author

An invitee author who has not created the blog can also be made an admin for the blog where he/she would be having all the rights of an admin for that blog except the right to delete the blog.

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Accepting invitation » Becoming an Author  
The invitee receives an email with an invitation message with a link. The link text and the url behind the link are the same. If the recipient intends to accept the invitation, he/she is required to move to the page indicated by the link by clicking on it or by using the link text as the url.

• Guest Author Rights

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Making your blog private » Restricting readership  
By default the blog is open to all readers on the internet. Anyone who knows the url to your blog can view it and read it.

You can impose restriction on your blog readership by allowing access only to blog authors.

You can impose restriction on your blog readership by allowing read access to the select few whom you invite.

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Posting to your blog through email  
You can post to the blog through an email without having to log in to blogger, if you set up the relevant option.

The subject of the mail you send would form the post title and the body of the mail would form the post body. Since each author can have his/her own custom email id for posting to the blog through email, the blogger program would identify the name of the author based on the email id to which it received the mail and would publish the relevant name as the author name in the post footer.

You can choose to directly publish the post or save the post as a draft and publish it subsequently. You have to note that the images embedded in the mail would not displayed in the blog. It is also advisable to avoid using fancy fonts and special formatting options not available on web pages.

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