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What are Add ons? How to add them?  
The various facilities made available by blogger through its software on the web site, enables you to create a blog, make and manage posts on your blog, enable readers to make comments on your blog, moderate comments etc.

There are a number of other facilities that can be incorporated into your blog using facilities provided by blogger itself or by other web sites, using small chunks of software code called scripts.

• Integrating add ons into your blog

» Blogs using Classic Template

If you are using a classic template for your blog, you need to be knowing how to handle HTML code. You have to edit the HTML code of the template to add the ADD ON's to your blog.

» Blogs using Modern Widget Based Template

If you are using the modern widget based template for your blog, it would be as simple as pasting code into a box and dragging and dropping the box to position it wherever you want the add on to appear on your blog page.

Some of the add ons that can be used explained below are listed out below

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Adding Blogger Add-on's » Modern Widget Based Template  
The options for adding add-ons to your blog when using a modern widget based template are available on the "Page Elements" sub group page within the "Settings" group.

To add the add-on as a widget to your blog, bring up the window relating to it, choose the relevant options, save it and position the widget depending on where you want it to appear on the blog page.

Labels List  
You can add a list of all the labels over all the posts within the blog as a widget.

You can add as many copies of the list as you wish. This list can be used to display an overview of all the posts within your blog.

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Video Bar  
You can add thumbnails to 4 videos of interest to you to your blog in the form of a bar. These are videos that are available within google videos and youtube videos.

The video bar that is made using the blogger (built in) add on widget is vertically oriented. There are a very few options related to it that you can customise.

If you intend to use a horizontal bar or have greater control over the video bar, build a custom video bar or a video search control using the Google Ajax Search API.

Custom Video Bar using » Google Ajax Search API  

» A sample bar


Create and Customize Video Bar/Player

Simple Steps for Creating a Video Bar, Multiple Video Bars, Controlling Thumbnail Size, Colors and Advanced Styling, Controlling the Player Size, Customize Strings, Auto Execute List

Video Search Control using » Google Ajax Search API  

» A sample Search Control


When a user clicks on a thumbnail of a video within the bar, the video is displayed in a player above the list

Create and Customize Video Search Control/Player/Results

Multiple Video Search Controls, Controlling Thumbnail Size, Colors and Advanced Styling, Controlling the Player Size, Customize Strings, Auto Execute List

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Feed Reader  
A light weigth feed reader displaying the title (link) and date built into the blogger add-ons displaying the titles of the links in the feed can be added as a widget.

You can add as many widgets as you wish. Each add-on can handle only one feed url.

This feed reader is set to display only the title text and link to the source as well as details relating to the author/source for each feed item. Details relating to a maximum of 5 items can be shown in each widget.,

If you intend to use a full fledged feed reader or have greater control over the items being displayed, the details pertaining to each item being displayed, build a custom feed reader using the Google Ajax Feed API.

Custom Feed Reader using » Google Ajax Feed API  

Create and Customize a Feed Reader

Multiple Feeds, Content to be displayed, Adding Feed Search,

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