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Why Blog?

There are innumerable number of reasons why you should blog. Listing out all those is virtually impossible. However, here are some reasons why you should - Blog for Fun, blog to add color to your life, blog to take control of your life, blog to earn, blog to yell, blog to express yourself, blog to relieve yourself, blog to talk your heart out, blog to let others comment, blog to let others share, blog to inspire, blog to tell the truth, blog to spread the news, blog to communicate, blog to share your joy, blog to share your thoughts, emotions, opinions, blog to make others laugh, blog to make others cry, blog to awaken, ... ... ... blog for that, blog for this.

If all these are not reasons enough for you to blog ... then blog for no reason at all. Blog just because you want to, you don't need anyones permission to do it.

Blogging is as wide as talking to the whole world and as private as talking to your own self. Blogging is a reflection of the multiple angles of your own self. Don't be left behind. Start Blogging today.

Don't know how to!! .... Start Learning ... Its easy, fun ... Its Free

Create Your Own Video/Image Collection

Learn including Images Learn including Videos
Not adept a writing!! Start with just maintaining a collection of photos and videos (from the millions of them available on the net) that you like. You can choose to make your collection public or keep it private.

You can even include images and videos to prop up your ideas in text. A few lines of text and related videos and images would make a good write up.

Blog & Earn » It's everyones $ DREAM

One great opprotunity that web creates is enabling each and every individual to earn income.
Yes, every one having access to the internet can dream of making the dollars. Yes, the web provides an opportunity for everyone to earn through online advertising. You just need to know how to make a good blog (which costs you vrtually nothing) and put online ads on it (this is also very easy). Starting with learning to make a blog, you can move on to making your own web site(s) thus multiplying your chances of making money on the net.

kids, teens, youngsters, middle aged, elders, grand fathers/mothers EVERYONE CAN

Learn because you have to

The modern day learning process, predominantly in the computing field neither begins nor ends in the class room. A student taking up computing as a main stream course of study should be prepared to widen his knowledge horizon beyond the class room and get accustomed to all the latest developments happening around.

The web is the most important tool in the modern day world. All the fields of study are in one way or the other are entangled with the web that it has become something that everyone should know about. Everyone should know how to use it as a tool. In addition, Computing Professionals should know the what and how of it.

What better tool can a student have other than a blog where you would be seeing almost all kinds of latest technologies in use. There is a lot to learn from the use of a blog. The technology, communication skills, expression abilities, etc.

The stornger you are in web related developments the better is your use of the web as a tool and the more the chances for you to have a wonderful career. You can start with a blog and go on to building a full fledged web site of your own. And who knows you would be the ones building the next hotmail, yahoo, google, youtube ...

Tools to Crack the Tough Nuts

We understand that there is a lot of strain in learning without understanding. We try to make the notes on this site as elaborate as possible so that it gives you the required impetus to make a beginning.

We are always there to help you in your learning process. You can also learn through interactions with others on the Discussion FORUM on this site.

You can Contribute NEWS and Earn enable the learning process for others by contributing to the NEWS section of this site where you can post links to news relating to the field of technology and computing. If you have google adsense account, you can include the adsense ID in your profile information so that the ad revenue from the pages displaying the news you submit would be credited to your adsense account directly. It is in a way having your own revenue earning web pages on this site.

We are building up a ONLINE-CLASSES module to enable you to test your knowledge and interact with the teaching community.

Dont Accept your state of ignorance

Take your time to learn. Don't ever accept being in a state of "I dont know" or "I did not understand". There are a number of avenues available for learning. It is not costly at all. It is virtually free. The only thing you need to do is put in a bit of efforts to acquire knowledge.

Knowledge is one of the most precious assets you can acquire in your life (of course second only to your character). Don't accept the notion that there should be no efforts to be made to learn.

All those who consider themselves as more than average performers in math should know that COMPUTING is not even 10% as difficult as math. The only problem is your acquiring knowledge in a proper manner. If you have learnt it the right way, you will be able to apply it.

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